20 IKEA Play Kitchen DUKTIG Hacks

ikea play kitchen dugtik hack

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You are a role model to your child, and what they do best is imitate the things you do – from dressing up as a grown-up to copying you by pretending to cook, bake, and wash the dishes for the family.

This is what makes the IKEA DUKTIG Play Kitchen a fun and popular toy for families with young kids.

But as you can see with all the other blank canvas IKEA furniture, toys, and home goods, the style is somewhat bland and basic.


IKEA DUKTIG Hacks For Your Kid’s Play Kitchen

The great thing is, just like all these other IKEA furniture hacks, you can be as creative as you want by giving the IKEA DUKTIG a complete makeover – that includes these fun things:

  • Painting the basic for a splash of color to add some life
  • Adding a wooden butcher block counter, or installing a marble patterned paper
  • Adding a beautiful backsplash of your choice using stick-and-peel options (or even real tiles from your last DIY project)
  • Spray painting the pulls and handles, or simply swap them out for more fun ones


Just think of how you would give your home kitchen (the real kitchen) an upgrade and apply those inspiring ideas and designs to your kid’s IKEA DUKTIG Play Kitchen.

Fortunately, unlike a real renovation job for your kitchen, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a cute little play kitchen for your kids.

Here are some inspiring and creative ways to remodel your kid’s IKEA play kitchen – we guarantee your kids are going to love your version of the IKEA DUKTIG hack!

Don’t forget to save or bookmark this page so you can get more inspiration on the Ikea Play Kitchen (DUKTIG) for your kids. On top of that, you can easily reference back to this blog for more awesome home living ideas and IKEA furniture hacks!


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1. IKEA DUKIG Play Kitchen Hack in Lovely Teal

ikea play kitchen hack
Source: Miss Audrey Sue


2. Play Kitchen IKEA Makeover

play kitchen ikea hack
Source: Miss Jen Craven


3. Upgraded IKEA Play Kitchen Hack in Blue and Gold

ikea upgraded play kitchen hack
Source: Love and Renovations


4. Minimalistic IKEA Play Kitchen Makeover

ikea play kitchen duktig white
Source: Katie Lamb


5. Kid’s IKEA Play Kitchen with Fridge

duktig kids ikea play kitchen hack with fridge
Source: Saving Amy


6. Kids IKEA Play Kitchen with Stick and Peel Backslash

ikea dugtik hack kids play kitchen backslash
Source: There’s A Shoe For That


7. Mid Century IKEA Play Kitchen in Light Pink

ikea play kitchen mid century
Source: A Beautiful Mess


8. Coral IKEA Kid’s Play Kitchen with Floral Design

ikea play kitchen coral floral
Source: Anchors and Honey


9. IKEA Kid’s Play Kitchen with Floral Wallpaper

ikea play kitchen remodel
Source: This Haus of Ours


10. Black Kid’s Play Kitchen with Metallic Handles

kids play kitchen hack ikea black
Source: Lust Living


11. Simple IKEA Play Kitchen by Swapping Pulls

play kitchen ikea hack change pulls
Source: Copy Cat Chic


12. Teal and Birch IKEA Play Kitchen

ikea play kitchen teal and birch
Source: Lucky and I


13. IKEA Play Kitchen in Kid’s Playroom with Dining Table

ikea light pink DUKTIG with table
Source: Emelbe Design


14. IKEA Kid’s Play Kitchen in Pretty Pink

pink ikea kids play kitchen makeover
Source: Dainty Dress Diaries


15. IKEA Play Kitchen with White Leather Pulls

ikea play kitchen fridge
Source: Jamie Leigh Miller


16. From Play Kitchen to Play Coffee Cart

ikea duktig hack
Source: Gray House Studio


17. IKEA DUKTIG with Soft Pink and Black White Backsplash

ikea duktig hack play kitchen pink
Source: Oh So Busy Mum


18. IKEA Play Kitchen Hack – Bakery, Food Truck, Ice Cream Stand

ikea play kitchen hack bakery duktig
Source: Hue Me Happy


19. IKEA DUKTIG with Light Teal and Leather Pulls

ikea play kitchen duktig hack
Source: Hello Hello


20. IKEA DUKTIG with Gold Accent and Subway Tile Backsplash

duktig ikea hack play kitchen
Source: Babiekins


Final words on the IKEA DUGTIG Play Kitchen Hack

Just like any other IKEA product, regardless if it’s a toy or furniture piece, you can do wonders and make magic happen when you unleash your inner creativity!

From a fresh coat of paint and giving it mini backsplash, to as simple as swapping out the handles or spray painting them, there are many hacks for the IKEA DUKTIG Play Kitchen.

We hope you enjoyed these inspiring 20 IKEA play kitchen makeover hacks for your kids!

What are your favorite play kitchen ideas from this post?

Let us know in the comment below on which DUKTIG ideas your kids want you to try!

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