20 Best Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas & Hacks For Your Kitchen


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Your kitchen is the heart of the home where all the magic happens. It’s the place where lifetime memories are created and delicious meals are prepared for your family. That’s why it’s important to be creative and find ways to keep your kitchen organized at all times.

When left unattended and neglected, a clean and tidy kitchen can quickly turn into a scary area that no one dares to enter.

Small appliances start to occupy your counter space, plates starting to look like the leaning Tower of Pisa, trying to find a jar of spice becomes a treasure hunt, containers falling out every time you open the cabinets. The list goes on and on!

Many people unknowingly bring clutter into the kitchen by storing unopened boxes of food and ingredients in kitchen cabinets because once you close the cabinet doors, out of sight, out of mind!

Although this is convenient, it’s not the best way to keep your kitchen organized. Food packaging is bulky and takes up too much valuable cabinet space. Plus, it’s very hard to organize items that have different sizes and shapes.

So today, we’re going to share the best kitchen cabinet organization ideas and hacks with you so you can stay on top of the chaos and have a clean happy kitchen!


1. Make Life Easier with Turntables


Source: Life in Jeneral @ Instagram


2. Organize Vertically


Source: House Beautiful


3. Free Your Drawer Spaces with Hooks




4. Stick a Magnetic Storage Holder on Your Refrigerator


Source: Wayfair


5. Double Your Cabinet Storage with Stackable Baskets


Source: Little Label Co


6. Toss Out the Packaging


Source: Bless’er House


7. Upgrade Your Kitchen with a Rolling Rack


Source: Domino


8. Clever Pot Lid Storage


Source: Amazon


9. Add a Rail to Your Kitchen Cabinet or Island


Source: R&R at home


10. Use a Pull Down Spice Rack


Source: The Container Store


11. Maximize Your Cabinet Space with Undershelf Baskets


Source: The Container Store


12. Get a Container Lid Organizer


Source: Amazon


13. Separate Your Utensils Neatly


Source: The Impatient Gardner


14. Install a Pegboard to Create More Shelving Space


Source: Jen Woodhouse


15. Organize Kitchen Cabinets with Stackable Shelves


Source: Walmart


16. Store Plates Upright for Easy Access


Source: Amazon


17. Label Your Food Containers


Source: Going Zero Waste @ Pinterest


18. Organize Cans Like a Pro


Source: Apartment Therapy


19. Consider Pull Out Storage Cabinets


Source: Thermador


20. Use a Kitchen Cart for Extra Storage


Source: Homey Oh My


Summary on the Best Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas and Hacks

As you can see, you don’t need to renovate your entire kitchen or add extra kitchen cabinets to have an organized kitchen.

All you need are simple and functional ideas and hacks to help you maximize your kitchen space. Many of these solutions are inexpensive where you can find them at your local dollar store, IKEA, or online at Amazon.

Turntables or lazy susan, stackable shelves, and utility carts are must-haves in any kitchens just because they’re so useful don’t take up too much room.

What are your favorite kitchen cabinet organization ideas from this post?

Let us know in the comment below how these organizing tips and tricks will make a difference in your kitchen!


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