20 Best Garage Organization Ideas, Tips & Tricks

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Got a messy garage? Great!

That’s a good problem to have.

Having a disorganized garage is 100% better than not having a garage at all.

Back then, I never knew why people would go crazy over storage space. I mean, it’s just extra space – what’s the big deal? Well, my views quickly changed after living in a condo for several years. When you have limited living space and nowhere to store away seasonal items like Christmas trees, skates, and bicycles, you start to value storage space A LOT.

So, don’t worry if you have a garage full of things collecting dust or junk hiding in the corners! I’m going to share the best garage organization ideas and tips to help you clear out the clutter and transform your garage into an organized and tidy space for your tools, seasonal items, and sports equipment.

Let’s get started!


1. Take Advantage of Vertical Space When Storing Equipment


Source: Wayfair

Hanging your equipment vertically on the wall creates extra storage space and allows you to find your gears quickly. This way, you can grab what you need and go when you’re in a hurry.


2. Keep Your Supplies and Tools Off the Floor with Wall Racks


Source: The Container Store

Ladders and gardening tools can take up a lot of room. You’d be surprised how floor space you can create by installing wall racks.


3. Hold the Clutter Inside Storage Containers


Source: The Home Edit

Using storage bins can make any messy room look clean and organized, including your garage.


4. Hang Your Trusty Tools Using Sturdy Hooks


Source: Classy Clutter

Take pride in your power tools and display them like art with a pegboard.


5. Power Tool Storage Solution for Your Garage


Source: Etsy

This wall organizer can serve as your command center for all your drills and chargers.


6. Add Shelves Between the Studs for More Storage Space


Source: Walmart

Convert dead space into extra storage room by insert bars and shelves between the 2×4 frames.


7. Organize Your Tools Neatly with a Screwdriver Rack


Source: BHG

Instead of placing your screwdrivers in a toolbox, place them on a rack so you can pick and choose the one you need in a flash!


8. Hang Baskets to Solve Storage Problems


Source: Chris Loves Julia

Baskets are very handy when it comes to organizing different types of home improvement supplies.


9. Place Your Yard Tools on a Mobile Tool Tower


Source: Wayfair

With a mobile tool tower, you can have all your essential landscaping tools in one place and move them anywhere around the garage.


10. Keep Your Garage Floor Clear of Bikes


Source: NEAT Method

When one bike tips over, the rest of the bikes will follow. Store your bikes on the wall to avoid the domino effect.


11. Use Drawers to Organize Small Items


Source: Driven by Decor

Stay ahead of the clutter by organizing your gloves and loose items in storage drawers.


12. DIY Utility Storage Cart for Your Tools


Source: bdavies @ Pinterest

Turn your life around with this super helpful utility storage cart.


13. Store Out of Season Items on a Ceiling Shelf


Source: Home Depot

Take it to the next level with ceiling shelves. Ideal for storing infrequently used items. Please don’t store any heavy or dangerous content in the air, just in case.


14. Have Your Family’s Equipment All in One Place


Source: Macy’s

Storing different sizes of balls is simple with an equipment bag. You can even take the entire bag out to the park!


15. Use a Pegboard Organizer for Your Tools


Source: BHG

Mount a multipurpose pegboard to organize and declutter your toolbox.


16. DIY Folding Workbench


Source: The Family Handyman

For times when you need a flat surface to work but your garage has limited space, building your own DIY workbench is the way to go.


17. Stack Your Cans Neatly on with Can Organizers


Source: Amazon

Should we leave the cans on the floor? No can do! Use a can organizer to make your life easier.


18. Know Exactly Where Things by Labeling Your Storage Bins


Source: Just A Girl And Her Blog

Always use labels! Quit playing the guessing game and find your frisbee the moment you step into the garage!


19. Clever Nail Storage for Garage Organization


Source: ManoMano IT @ Pinterest

Be creative and use clear jars to hold your loose nails.


20. Space Saving Fishing Rod Rack


Source: Pinterest

This is the perfect solution to any fishing enthusiasts’ fishing gears.


21. Stack Your Snow Blower on Top of Your Lawn Mower


Source: Pinterest

Build your own DIY storage shelf and store your power equipment on top of each other.


22. Create Extra Garage Storage Space with a Shelving Unit


Source: Black + Decker

A storage shelf is a must-have, whether it’s inside or outside of the house!

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