15 Best Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas & Hacks

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When you’re cleaning your kitchen, it’s easy to wash the floors, wipe the surfaces, and take the clutter off the counters, but we often miss places that are not visible to our eyes.

Your under-sink storage area is a prime location where clutter loves to hide because it’s behind closed doors.

The under-sink may seem like a dead space with pipes running in all directions, but you shouldn’t give up on organizing your kitchen sink just because it’s a difficult zone to work compared to other areas of your home.

Be creative and think outside the box because there are various budget-friendly kitchen organization ideas and hacks to maximize your storage areas! You need to take advantage of these hidden compartments and convert it to efficient spaces that will make your life easier – not give you headaches!

With the help of some genius and affordable products, you can quickly turn messy under sink storage into a clean and organized station for your cleaning supplies like soap, clothes, and brushes. Easily expand your kitchen storage space with stackable shelves, categorize supplies with baskets, and improve accessibility with lazy Susan!

Here is the best under kitchen sink organization ideas and hacks to get you started!


1. Install a Sliding Under-Sink Organizer


Source: Iron & Twine


2. Hang Your Cleaning Supplies on a Tension Rod

Under-the-sink organizer-tension rod

Source: Martha Stewart


3. Double Your Under Sink Storage with Stackable Shelves


Source: At Home With Nikki


4. Keep Your Supplies on a Lazy Susan for Easy Access


Source: Walmart


5. Hang Supplies Your Cabinet Doors


Source: Clean & Scentsible


6. Use Clear Bins to Stay Clear of Clutter


Source: Keys to Inspiration


7. Get a Handy Kitchen Caddy


Source: Neat House. Sweet Home


8. Quick and Easy DIY Under Kitchen Sink Organizer


Source: Joyfully Treasured


9. Increase Your Under Sink Storage with an Expandable Shelf


Source: Amazon


10. Take Advantage of Empty Spaces


Source: A Bowl Full of Lemons


11. Consider Using an Over the Door Organizer


Source: Wayfair


12. Separate Storage Space with Baskets and Bins


Source: The Container Store


13. Add an Extra Level with Stackable Shelves


Source: Kelly Nan


14. Create Vertical Storage Space with Cabinet Drawers


Source: Designthusiasm


15. Stay Organized with Labels


Source: Just a Girl and Her Blog




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