15 Best Office Organization Ideas

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If you drop by my desk at work, you’ll see many interesting things on it.

Starting on the left-hand side is a Lego race car and right next to it is a mini-action figure. The middle of my desk is where my scenic calendar sits. Beside that is a box of peppermint gum (just in case I get pulled into a meeting out of nowhere). All the way to the top-right is my phone that is on silent mode. Lastly, there’s a mountain of paperwork on my right.

When the papers on my desk gets out of hand, it goes straight into the cabinet drawer under my desk!
Most of the time, I know where everything is located. However, when you have different piles of paper, it’s easy to lose track of where you left your important notes from last week’s meeting.

Trust me, having a clean and organized workspace helps you stay focused and increase productivity. I learned this the hard way…

Your home office is no different than your desk at work, it always needs to be clean and tidy, so you don’t get distracted by the mess in front of you!

Here are the best 15 office organization ideas to help you stay organized at home and get work done!


1. Always Look for Desks with Drawers


Source: Style Curator

When you’re shopping for a desk for your home office, storage space and practicality is often second to atheistically. Rather than focusing on the looks over functionality, plan ahead and think of where you’ll place your stationary goods. If you have cabinets and drawers for your papers and pens, great! Otherwise, you should choose a desk with drawers so you can storage by your side.

Mind you, if your desktop is full of clutter and there’s no room to store and organize your things, even the best looking desk can’t turn your dream office.


2. Organize with Stackable Trays


Source: Amazon

Having stackable trays is a great way to organize different kinds of office supplies. Each level can be used for different purposes. For example, you can put all your papers at the bottom, the next tray can be used to keep you books, and finally, you can have your favorite pens at the top and within arms reach.


3. Purchase an Affordable Bookshelf


Source: Coco’s Tea Party

Being organized doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money, unless you’re looking for high-end furniture. There are many of affordable organization solutions available at retailers like, IKEA, Walmart, and Amazon that can help you keep clutter at bay.

The IKEA Kallax is an ideal piece of furniture to have in your office if you want something that is simple and won’t break the bank. It’s got various sizes and allows you to customize the look of your shelf with drawers, baskets, and inserts.

If you love unique furniture without the hefty price tag, be sure to check out IKEA Kallax hacks ideas!


4. Keep Your Essentials All in One Place


Source: Ugmonk

The smaller the item, the harder it is to organize them.

We all have our smartphones, earphones, pens, USB drives, and USB cables around us in the office but no home for them. Without a proper place for these items, it creates a messy look on your table. Try looking for an organizer where you can keep all your essential tools in front of you.

Need to write down an important note quickly? Grab a sticky note. It’s right there!


5. Bring Order with Drawer Inserts


Source: IKEA

Just because you have drawers doesn’t mean you can open it, push all your things into it, and close it. When you do this, next time you need something, you won’t be able to find it!

Organize your drawers neatly with drawer inserts. They will bring peace and order to your life.


6. Install a Pegboard Organizer


Source: bhgaus @ Instagram

Pegboards might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re looking for office organization ideas, but you’d be surprised how valuable a pegboard can be in your office.

When you install a pegboard on your wall, you instantly turn a boring wall into a much needed office storage space.

Simply add hooks or hanging bins on it and you’re good to go!


7. Keep Your Desk Tidy with a Multi-functional Organizer


Source: The Space Cube @ Etsy

Office supplies come in all sizes and shapes – that’s good, but not for organizing purposes. That’s why when it comes to office organization ideas; look for desk organizers that can serve multiple purposes. This desk organizer looks simple, but it’s very useful. There are different compartments for various items like your phone, notes, clips, scissors, etc.


8. Simplify Your Life with a Cable Organizer


Source: Batelier

In today’s world, cable management is becoming a huge issue for many of us. We have cables for our phones, laptops, and external drives. You might even have more cables depending on how many devices you have!

More often than not, your cables are either tangled up or on the floor. It’s definitely very frustrating to spend time to unravel cables and lean over your desk trying to pick up the cable that dropped behind your desk.

If this is a common problem for you, try sticking a cable organizer by your desk to help manage the cable nightmare. Next time you need to charge your phone, you’ll know exactly where to find your charger.


9. Use a Lazy Susan for the Office


Source: Pottery Barn

With a lazy susan organizer on your office desk, it’s very easy to spin it and grab what you need. No more poking your hands with sharp pencil tips every time you need to reach over for a ruler or pair of scissors.


10. DIY Mason Jar Pen, Marker, and Pencil Holder


Source: OOLY

Want to add a splash of color and personality to your office space?

With a little bit of paint and time on hand, you can easily craft these awesome DIY mason jar pencil holders! They’re great for supplies organization.


11. Raskog Hack for Office Organization


Source: House Beautiful

There are plenty of IKEA hacks for the home and your home office is no exception. With a Raskog cart by your office desk, you can place all sorts of stationary items on it.


12. Display Your Books Neatly


Source: Walmart

It’s so simple and natural to place books and magazines on your office table when you’re done with them. However, this practice can quickly turn your clean and organized desk into a messy mountain of books and papers. Instead, you can use a compact bookcase to organize your books.


13. Install Wall Shelves


Source: Pinterest

Everyone should have a plant in his or her office to freshen up the space. You can place the plant on your office desk or display it along with your artwork and favorite books on wall shelves. Wall shelves are perfect office décor items that can help free up your working space.


14. DIY Mail Baskets


Source: A House Full Of Sunshine

How many times have you missed your bill payments because you forgot where you placed your statements?

Don’t worry, that won’t happen again once you make you own DIY mail baskets. They’re functional and look amazing!

Mail sorters are handy to have around the home because you can use it as a central station for all your incoming mails. Separate your mails by action needed (e.g. to pay, to file, to sign) to help you stay on top of your bills and documents.

This is a very inexpensive method to solve your paper issues.


15. Hang a Wall Shelf to Take Advantage of Wasted Space


Source: Urban Outfitters

If your home office doesn’t have a lot of room for bulky storage solutions, then try using a ladder shelf to organize your office area.

Ladder shelves are lean and specifically designed for small spaces. It acts as an extension of your desk where you can show off your personality with unique objects and toys.


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