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IKEA products are great, but no one wants the plain and simple BORING look.

They are known for their entry-level timeless and minimalistic appeal, but you’d be surprised at how a bit of paint, a few tools, and a bit of creative imagination can completely transform these basic furniture pieces.

You’ll seriously fool your guests into believing you spent a fortune on your home!

In this post, we’re going to give you a list of the best IKEA Kallax hacks to maximize your storage space with a stylish way to display your collections with a splash of your personality.

Seriously, don’t underestimate the power of the IKEA Kallax.

The best part is giving them a simple facelift is an easy, affordable, and fast process, which means you can have your project done in just a few hours or less!

These entry-level selves are totally customizable and simple to make so you can create a look that fits you and your style at home.

Finding the perfect and durable storage piece for any room can be a challenging task – and not to mention, very costly if you’re looking for style.

Many people are looking for style, durability, and functionality but are budget-conscious consumers.

But thanks to the versatility of the IKEA Kallax product, you can use it as a classic bookshelf, a room divider, a nightstand, or as a stylish way to display your handbag or shoe collections. What a clever way to get the look you want while saving money on your home makeover!

The IKEA Kallax unit is the perfect storage solution that will organize every and any room in your house!

Replicate the exact look of your favorite Wayfair furniture and create your own hack with the IKEA Kallax – it’s time to turn this versatile piece into a showstopper with these IKEA Kallax hacks!


1. Vinyl Record Shelf

ikea kallax hack DIY shelf
Source: SarahNick


2. Light up the KALLAX!

diy ikea kallax hack light up
Source: Ikea Hackers


3. Shelving Unit to TV Stand Hack

diy ikea kallax hack tv stand
Source: Infarrantly Creative


4. Ikea Kallax Bar Cart Hack

kallax ikea bar cart hack
Source: Sugar and Cloth


5. Ikea Kallax DIY Rustic Cube Shelves

kallax wooden shelf hack
Source: Home Made Lovely


6. Ikea Nursery Storage with Ikea Kallax

kallax hack storage
Source: Applique Ikea Kallax Hack


7. Ikea Kallax Hack “Big Seven”

ikea kallax regal hack
Source: Ikea Kallax Regal Hack “Big Seven”


8. Ikea Kallax Locker Hack

kallax ikea hack lockers
Source: Little House of Four


9. Industrial Storage with Ikea Kallax

ikea kallax industrial storage hack
Source: Grillo Designs


10. Family Command Center

ikea hack kallax chalk board
Source: Iron and Twine


11. Kallax Kitchen Island Hack

kallax kitchen island hack ikea
Source: Jen Lou Meredith


12. Kallax Hack with Doors and Overlays

kallax hack for bedroom
Source: The Pink Dream


13. Ikea Kallax Flat File Cabinet Hack

ikea kallax cabinet hack
Source: Oh Everything Handmade


14. Kid-Friendly Living Room Stand

kallax ikea shelf hack living room
Source: Fabric Paper Glue


15. DIY Bookcase Dollhouse

DIY bookcase dollhouse
Source: DIY Bookcase Dollhouse


16. Craft Room Work Table

kallax craft room work table hack
Source: Landeelu


17. Ikea Cubby Hack

Kallax ikea cubby hack
Source: Petal and Ply


18. DIY Banquette Seat Ikea Hack

ikea hack kallax modern banquette
Source: Melo Drama


19. Kallax Bench Hack

kallax bench hack
Source: Mommy Vignettes


20. Ikea Kallax Console Table Hack

kallax console table hack
Source: Dupetitdoux


Final words on IKEA Kallax Hack

IKEA Kallax is a simple and timeless shelf that is versatile. It’s the perfect storage piece that can match almost anything and any home, and you have the imagination and creativity to turn it into something that looks like a million bucks!

I hope these 20 best Ikea hacks for the Kallax shelf inspires you to get creative at home!

What are your favorite IKEA Kallax hacks from this post?

Let us know in the comment below on which Ikea hack you’ve completed so far for your home makeover!


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