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Aside from what you can do with the IKEA MALM, the IKEA TARVA is another one of the most popular series of furniture by Ikea including the TARVA dresser.

The TARVA series comes in a wide 6-drawer chest making them great for big space homes, whereas the narrow 3-drawer, or 5-drawer, chests are ideal for smaller spaces. The TARVA nightstand also makes a perfect addition to any big or small space.

If you’re looking for a dresser or nightstand that is made of untreated solid wood without breaking the bank, then the IKEA TARVA is your go-to! It’s a simple and classic pine material where you can knock your socks off and design + style it in however way you want.



The IKEA TARVA series is easily hackable because these pinewood dressers can be painted or stained. You can even swap your knobs or replace them with pulls that fit your personality and style.

There are many creative ways this little gem can be hacked and used in sorts of spaces at home including your kitchen or even dining room. Nope, it doesn’t necessarily have to stay as a bedroom dresser as you’ll see in many inspiring ideas later in this post.

Staining any TARVA furniture will give it a timeless and elegant solid wood look, and you can find the perfect stain at any local home hardware store, giving your TARA dresser or nightstand a simple upgraded look.

Alternatively, you can also paint it in any color you want. Another creative idea is to combine both staining and painting as demonstrated by some images of the IKEA TARVA hacks below.

Finally, you can swap those knobs for classier or edgier ones to upgrade the entire look. And voila, your dresser is now unrecognizable, and I bet all your guests will be mind-blown by the results!


Overall, the IKEA Tarva is plain as all the other IKEA furniture pieces, and that just means you’ll have a blank canvas to personalize and spruce up that best suits your style at home.

So, how are you going to hack your TARVA?

Check out these 20 ideas for the best IKEA TRARA dresser and nightstand hacks!


More IKEA Furniture Hacks and Ideas For Your Daily Inspiration


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1. Wooden Stain Ikea Tarva Hack

ikea tarva hack wooden stain
Source: House on Longwood Lane


2. Upcycled Ikea Tarva Tape & Paint Hack

ikea tarva diy hack
Source: Style-Squeeze


3. Mid-Modern Century Tarva

DIY ikea tarva dresser hack
Source: Kristi Murphy


4. Ikea Tarva Nightstand Hack

ikea tarva night stand hack
Source: The Lily Pad Cottage


5. Simple, Timeless & Elegant Tarva

ikea tarva dresser idea
Source: Cherished Bliss


6. Ikea Tarva Nightstand With Wood Dowels

tarva night stand ikea hack
Source: Dream Green DIY


7. Pretty Tarva with Stain, Paint, and Crystal Knobs

ikea tarva hack with knobs
Source: The Navage Patch


8. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Tarva Dresser Hack

ikea tarva dresser in blue
Source: The Collected House


9. Ikea Painted Tarva Nightstand

teal ikea tarva nightstand hack
Source: Pretty Life Girls


10. Mint Green Changing Table Tarva

tarva dresser mint green hack
Source: Mon Bebe Cheri


11. Multi-purpose White Tarva with Wheels

tarva dresser makeover hack
Source: In My Own Style


12. Tarva Dresser Bar Table Hack

ikea tarva bar table hack
Source: My Fabuless Life


13. Another Creative Tarva Bar Cabinet Hack

tarva dresser bar cabinet hack
Source: Addicted To DIY


14. Ikea Tarva Hack with Grey Paint and Gold Pulls

tarva ikea dresser hack grey paint
Source: Love Some


15. Tarva with Gold Overlays

tarva dresser gold frame hack
Source: Sarah Ben


16. Modern Mountain Tarva Dresser

tarva dresser ikea hack black paint
Source: Hello Lidy


17. Nursery Tarva Dresser Hack with Long Pulls

tarva dresser hack nursery
Source: Sarahshermansamuel


18. DIY Cane Tarva Dresser

tarva dresser hack diy
Source: House on Longwood Lane


19. Simple & Timeless Tarva Dresser

tarva dresser hack timeless
Source: House La Bella


20. Gorgeous IKEA Tarva with Gold Pulls

tarva wooden drawer hack gold pulls
Source: Diana Domesticated


21. Pretty Tarva in Pink

pink tarva dresser diy
Source: The Crafted Life


22. Tarva Kitchen Sideboard Hack

ikea tarva kitchen sideboard hack
Source: All Things G & D


Final words on the best IKEA TARVA Hacks

As you know, most IKEA furniture is known for its simple and blank canvas look.

The best part is their furniture, include the TARVA series are versatile, and this gives you the opportunity to style your home furnishings on a healthy budget.

Just like any IKEA dresser or nightstand, including the IKEA MALM series, you can easily swap out the knobs and replace them to classier ones. You can also opt for handles or pulls depending on what you like.

Adding some simple and beautiful overlays can instantly upgrade the look, making it look like it’s worth a million bucks in just minutes!

If you’re a fan of DIYing, painting, and repurposing, then go ahead and give the IKEA TARVA a fresh coat of paint or stain.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these 30 best IKEA TARVA hacks!

What is your favorite IKEA TARVA dresser hacks from this post?

Let us know in the comment below on which Ikea hack you’re going to try this weekend!



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