IKEA BILLY Bookcase hack

20 IKEA BILLY Bookcase Hacks

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The IKEA BILLY Bookcase was born in 1979 and not very long after, it became one of the most popular and best-selling items.

The IKEA BILLY is a classic, simple, and modern bookcase or storage compartment that comes in various forms and sizes. The most popular colors are white, black, or birch, but this can be easily changed with just a simple coat of paint.

You can even decoupage the background of the bookcase to let your inner personality shine!

Due to its simple blank canvas, this makes it one of the most sought-after DIY projects when it comes to looking for the best IKEA hacks!


IKEA BILLY Bookcase Hacks

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to hack your storage or design, then the IKEA BILLY will work like magic.

From built-ins, reading nooks, and closet space to repurposing it into a simple kitchen island, the brilliant IKEA BILLY Bookcase can be hacked into almost anything that will inspire you to create the space you want.

And the bookshelf is so versatile, you can practically use the IKEA BILLY anywhere in your home.

Today, you’re going to explore all the creative hacks made possible when you get the right combination of these bookshelves for your needs.

You can literally customize this bookcase into what would cost over $1,000 at expensive retailers.

As mentioned, you can paint these babies in the color of your choice. To add a bit of edge, you can even stencil or wallpaper (AKA decoupage) the backs of the shelf for extra pop. The things you can do with the IKEA Billy Bookcase are limitless as you can see in the list of IKEA project hacks, we compiled for you below.

Check out this incredible round up of the best IKEA BILLY hacks. It’s time to pick up a BILLY this weekend so you can try one of these IKEA DIY projects.


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1. Ikea Billy Bookcase with Doors

Ikea billy bookcase hack
Source: House of Hawks


2. Billy Bookcase with a Ladder

billy bookcase hack ikea with ladder
Source: Stylish Revamp


3. DIY Built-In Shelves with Billy Bookcase Hack

billy bookcase ikea hack with built in shelves
Source: 11 Magnolia Lane


4. Ikea Billy Cabinet with Glass Doors

ikea billy bookcase hack with glass doors
Source: April and May


5. Ikea Billy Bookcase Fireplace

billy bookcase fireplace hack
Source: Place Of My Taste


6. Ikea Billy Bookcase for Shoes and Clothes Storage

bill bookcase shoes and storage
Source: Harlowe James


7. French Style Ikea Billy Bookcase

billy bookcase french style hack
Source: Shabby Fufu


8. Billy Bookcase Drawer Hack

billy bookcase drawer hack
Source: Infarrantly Creative


9. Ikea Billy with Crown Moulding and Decoupage

billy bookcase with moulding and decoupage
Source: The Vintage Rug Shop


10. DIY Billy Bookcase Built-In

DIY billy bookcase built in
Source: Designed Simple


11. One Room Challenge with Billy

billy bookcase corner hack
Source: Our Home Becoming


12. Billy Bookcase with Sliding Doors Hack

billy bookcase slide door hack
Source: Ich Designer


13. From Bookcase to Bar Table

ikea billy bookcase bar table hack
Source: Refresh Restyle


14. Blue Billy Bookcase with LED Light

billy bookcase hack with light
Source: Angiel Interiors


15. DIY Billy Bookcase Library

ikea billy hack library built in
Source: Design Sixty Nine


16. Billy Bookshelves Turned Kitchen Island Hack

billy ikea hack kitchen island
Source: Golden Boys and Me


17. DIY Industrial Cabinet Billy Hack

diy industrial cabinet billy bookcase hack
Source: Simply Designing


18. Billy Bookcase Doll House Hack

billy bookcase doll house hack
Source: Tamara Central


19. Billy with Besta Hack

billy with besta
Source: Ikea Hackers


20. Ikea Billy Mudroom Hack

billy bookcase mudroom hack
Source: House Home Made


Final words on the best IKEA BILLY Bookcase Hacks

As you can see, you can do wonders and make magic happen with the simplest and straight-forward bookcase.

From an easy fresh coat of paint to change its color or wallpapering the back, to building the most impressive built-ins or repurposing the item, there are many IKEA BILLY Bookcase hacks for you to try.

Don’t forget to visit these other pages for the best IKEA makeover ideas.

I hope you enjoyed these best 20 best IKEA BILLY Bookcase hacks!

What is your favorite IKEA hacks from this post?

Let us know in the comment below on which one you’re going to try this weekend!


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