15 IKEA MALM Hacks

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When it comes to looking for a functional and budget-friendly dresser, most people turn to the IKEA MALM due to its simple look – and the fact that it’s easy to assemble!

But what if you’re looking for a dresser that has the same durability and functionality as the MALM but with a bit more style that sparks your personality?

That, my friend, comes at much a higher price tag!

Luckily, the IKEA MALM, along with all other IKEA furniture, can easily be transformed into anything, and I mean ANYTHING, within as quickly as 10 minutes. It’s just a matter of giving it a simple makeover.

As you may know, IKEA furniture is very popular and there’s an endless amount of IKEA hacks here for you to try if you want to give your home décor a quick facelift – another IKEA dresser you’d want to try revamping includes this cool IKEA TARVA hack.



The IKEA MALM dresser comes in a few different sizes and colors – not to mention, everybody loves the MALM series!

The IKEA MALM collection is popular for its clean, minimal, and modern design, making it one of its best-selling products.  We own many of these at home and we can tell you the IKEA MALM is a practical and sturdy dresser, with a design that is versatile and super easy to alter.

In today’s post, we’ve put together the best inspiring IKEA MALM hacks that you should tackle this weekend as your next side project.

From something as simple as switching a few knobs, or purchasing pretty MALM overlays from Etsy to repainting and repurposing, you’ll be mind-blown by how gorgeous these IKEA MALMs turned out! It appears unrecognizable and we guarantee all your guests will be jealous of you once they see these!


More IKEA Furniture Hacks and Ideas

Here are other very popular IKEA furniture hacks you’ll be inspired by for a complete home makeover – the results are SO good that you’ll be mind-blown by all of them!


Anyway, here are 15 of the best ways to hack your IKEA MALM.

Don’t forget to save this in so you can come back to reference these IKEA MALM hacks along with our other IKEA furniture hacks!


1.    Glam Up Ikea Malm with Mirror Panels

ikea malm overlays
Source: Etsy


2. Ikea Malm Overlay Design

ikea malm etsy overlay
Source: Etsy


3. Ikea Malm Floral Sticker

malm etsy stickers
Source: Etsy


4. Ikea Malm Dresser Floral Decal

ikea malm hawaii flower stickers
Source: Etsy


5. Ikea Malm Dresser with Gold Geometry Decal

etsy malm gold luxury sticker
Source: Etsy


6. Style Dresser Malm Hack with Gold Hardware

ikea malm dresser hack stylish
Source: Homey Oh My


7. Malm Dresser Hack with Gold Trim

malm dresser hack with gold trims
Source: PreciouslyMe


8. Ikea Malm Dresser with Pull Hack

malm pull hack ikea
Source: Sugar and Cloth


9. Malm Dresser Wayfair Inspired Hack

malm wayfair inspired dresser
Source: Ikea Hackers


10. Easy Ikea Malm Hack

easy ikea malm hack
Source: Designer Trapped


11. Malm Dresser with Gold Pulls Hack

malm dresser with gold pulls hack
Source: The Pink Dream


12. Malm Dresser with Raindrops

malm with raindrops
Source: Sliik.fi


13. Malm Dresser Ikea Hack Bobbin Furniture Inspired

ikea malm dresser hack bobbin inspired
Source: My Dear Irene


14. Ikea Malm Kitchen Island Hack

malm dresser hack kitchen cart ikea hack
Source: Ikea Hackers


15. Ikea Malm with Panels

ikea malm with panels
Source: Etsy


Final words on IKEA MALM hacks

From the simple swapping of a few knobs, or adding some MALM overlays to your existing MALM to spending a little more elbow and grease to repaint and repurpose the piece, the IKEA MALM is everyone’s favorite piece that belongs in any room – you don’t necessarily have to use it as a dresser in your bedroom!

That’s what makes this piece so lovely and versatile!

Which IKEA MALM hacks inspired you today?

Let us know in the comment below your favorite IKEA MALM project and how it transformed your home!

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