30 IKEA Furniture and Home Hacks

IKEA hacks furniture

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Are you looking for the best IKEA hacks for your home furnishing?

We can’t deny that everyone loves IKEA for its affordable prices, modern design, and simple Scandinavian style. However, given that the Swedish mega-retailer is mass-producing the same cookie-cutter product, it’s only normal to worry that your new furniture won’t look stylish or unique when all home renovators and decorators are buying the exact same thing.

Fortunately, you can easily tweak any look of an IKEA product with a little bit of imagination and creativity.

All bloggers and people who do DIY are using IKEA furniture as the basic foundation to upgrade the look of their homes by applying a ton of simple IKEA hacks.


Quick IKEA Hacks For Your Home

Things as simple as swapping your knob handles or adding IKEA overlays onto your new IKEA furniture are very quick and inexpensive upgrades – it takes less than 5 minutes to switch them up.

Many people go crazy for these extremely popular and gorgeous overlays used on the IKEA MALM series – another furniture that is easily hackable in 5 to 10 minutes.

You’ll see a whole new difference to the basic canvas with a hack as simple as this.

Aside from using these quick solutions, repainting or repurposing the item is the most popular type of IKEA furniture hack that you can find.

Applying some paint or stencil to the furniture can add elegance and style to your place.

The trick is to choose the proper paint or stain, find beautiful knobs, and handles that match and go well together!

You can also repurpose your dresser into another purpose if it’s necessary – a tiny kitchen island, nightstand, console table, home bar… basically to whatever you want with all the limitless possibilities!

From headboards and nightstands to outdoor furniture and dressers, there’s more than enough IKEA hacks for you to try today!

If you find your favorite IKEA piece looking a little tired, dated, or old, here are 30 inspiring and stylish ideas for you to add some life to them!

Don’t forget to save this IKEA hacks pin so you can easily come back to this page to reference your favorite IKEA ideas!


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1. Ikea Dresser Hack with Chalk Paint

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2. Ikea Shoe Cabinet Hack

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3. Space-Saving Clothes Hangers on the Wall

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4. Ikea Billy Cabinet with Glass Doors

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5. Ikea Billy Bookcase Makeover Hack

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6. Ikea Lamp Hack

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7. Ikea Lack Table with Mirror Hack

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8. Ikea Laptop Side Table Hack

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9. Ikea Tarva Hack and Coffee Bar Hack

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10. IKEA Nordkisa Nightstand Hack

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11. Ikea Custom Side Bar Hack

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12. Ikea Tarva Dresser Hack

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13. Ikea Kallax Hack with Legs

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14. Ikea DIY Floating Shelf Hack

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15. Ikea DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

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16. DIY Ikea Small Dining Table Hack

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17. Ikea Office Desk Hack

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18. Ikea Studio Desk Hack

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19. Ikea Hack with Industrial Wall Planter

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20. DIY Ikea Makeup Vanity Raskog Hack

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21. DIY Ikea Gold Shelf Hack

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22. Ikea Pretty Stool with Fur Hack

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23. Ikea Pretty Stool with Fur Hack

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24. Ikea Step Stool Makeover Hack

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25. Ikea DIY Coaster Hacks

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26. Ikea DIY Play Kitchen Makeover

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Final words on the Best IKEA Hacks

All IKEA products are known for their simple and timeless look, and the beauty is they are versatile, allowing you to give them a stylish upgrade look for your home.

You can easily swap knobs and handles to those dressers and nightstand in a matter of minutes. You can also add some cool and beautiful overlays onto them to upgrade their look to a million bucks!

If you’re into DIYing, have fun by giving it a coat of fresh paint – adding some color will give it life and allow your personality to shine!

I hope you enjoyed these 30 best Ikea hacks!

What is your favorite IKEA hacks from this post?

Let us know in the comment below on which Ikea hack you’re going to try this weekend!

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