20 Best Small Bathroom Storage Ideas and Hacks

bathroom storage ideas

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Are you looking for BIG ideas for your small bathroom space?

No matter how many things you’ve thrown away, or sent off to the donation bin, it can seem like you never have enough space.

It can often feel like an ongoing challenge trying to jam-pack your tiny square footage space and not make you look like you’re a hoarder of things.

You’ve already tried to keep your storage and vanity space under control, but somehow it always has a way of becoming a cluttered catch-all for well, everything and anything including your towels, hand and body soap, makeup, and possibly a few clothes that should belong in your wardrobe or closet space!

Let’s face it – we’re not always blessed with the luxurious big space bathrooms we see on HGTV.

But don’t worry because we’ve got you covered no matter how small your bathroom is!


Bathroom Storage Ideas

Maximize your small bathroom storage space and go big with a complete overhaul to tackle all your storage problems with these affordable organizing ideas.

I promise there’s a clever storage idea for every space and budget, so you’ll have a tidier, more organized, and manageable bathroom for you and your guests. You may even find your favorite perfume or hairspray that mysteriously went MIA months ago.

Better yet, you may even find a few brand-new pieces lingering around with tags on them still. As a bonus, you’ll save time and money from making another shopping trip for your bathroom essentials!

Here are the best small bathroom storage ideas you should consider for your next spring cleaning and makeover!


1. Ladder Shelving

Bathroom storage ladder shelf
Source: HGTV


2. Makeup Wall Display

Bathroom storage ideas magnetic makeup organizer
Source: Laura Thoughts


3. Organizer Storage Baskets for Cabinet Doors

Bathroom organizer storage cabinet doors
Source: Amazon


4. DIY Bathroom Basket Storage

Bathroom storage ideas baskets
Source: Zevy Joy


 5. Bathroom Countertop Organizer

Bathroom organizer countertop
Source: Golden Boy & Me


6. Multi-Purpose Toilet Paper Holder

Bathroom storage ideas toilet paper holder
Source: Amazon


7. Over-the-door Storage

Bathroom storage behind door shelves
Source: Pinterest


8. Storage Cart Hacks

Bathroom storage cart
Source: melaniejadedesign @ Pinterest


9. Vanity Drawer Organizer

Bathroom drawer organization


10. Bathroom Countertop Carousel Storage

Bathroom storage ideas lazy susan
Source: Amazon


11. Floating Shelves for the Bathroom

Bathroom storage floating shelves


12. Under the Sink Storage

Bathroom storage basket organizers
Source: househomelove @ Instagram


13. Farmhouse Style Shelves

Bathroom storage farmhouse shelves
Source: Etsy


14. Makeup Storage for Bathroom

Bathroom acrylic makeup organizer
Source: The Container Store


15. Medicine Cabinet Storage

Bathroom storage medicine cabinet
Source: The Organized Home


16. Shower Caddy for Extra Storage

Bathroom storage shower caddy organizer
Source: Amazon


17. Tension Pole Shower Caddy

Bathroom storage tension pole shower caddy
Source: Walmart


18. Bathroom Organizing Tray

Bathroom organizer tray
Source: The Hamby Home


19. Compact Bathroom Storage

Bathroom toilet paper storage
Source: Amazon


20. Bathroom Cabinet Storage

Bathroom storage over the toilet cabinet
Source: Wayfair


Final Words on Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

From budget-friendly shower caddies to a couple of modern and chic bathroom storage cabinets, you’ll have everything you need for organizing your small bathroom!

You can finally say goodbye to that messy room you’ve been going crazy about for ages!

What is your favorite small space bathroom storage idea from this post?


Let us know in the comment below on how these organizing tips and tricks transformed your bathroom!

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